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What’s sexual pleasure?

Here is all you need to know about sexual pleasure,Bedroom love with your partner or Fiancee;

For sex to be extremely sweet two people must be very aroused. The dick must be very hard and erect while the pussy must be very soft and wet. This is after a nice passionate foreplay ensuring that the lovers are now ready for each other!

The real joy of sex is when the dick enters inside a wet honey pot dripping with love juices. When you slide without feeling like you are tearing the soft tissues apart, but can feel the grip out of the aroused woman, when you slide inside a hot pussy such that you feel the warmth penetrating you via your dick, when the hot dick driven so deep inside the pussy presses all the pleasure receptors such that the woman feels like she is totally connected to the man, that is when sex can be termed pleasurable.

When the energies are exchanged via the sexual organs, you feel the dick throbbing deep inside you, you feel the warm wet pussy wrapping your dick so nicely.

Lips kissing, bodies hugging tight, moans escaping due to pleasure, touching, caressing and stimulating each other with your hands, nibbling each other, giving each other love bites, and hot hard dick pressed deep inside a warm soft pussy that is when sex makes full meaning.
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